What Is PTSD And What Are Its Causes?

For the benefit of interested readers, this short medical copy addresses the above-highlighted acronym and certain causes thereof. It also reminds concerned readers that there is professional treatment for ptsd fort lauderdale patients. There should also be city treatments that all or most city residents should be quite proud of. The above-mention acronym refers to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Why should city residents be proud? Well, there are two or three reasons, really. Treatment for PTSD is not specific to military veterans, women and children, LGBTQ+ community members, transgendered women and people of color, but to all people.

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Patriotic citizens should welcome the fact that their military veterans, both young and old, are now able to receive treatment for PTSD.

In some cities of the country, the levels of gender-based violence against women and children mainly, are alarmingly high. Thankfully, it is minimal in other cities. But even so, one injured party is already one too many.

Much of the gender-based violence is also against those who identify within the cultural grouping that is LGBTQ+. But it would appear that levels of physical and emotional abuse are even higher when leveled against transgendered women usually falling within the lower socio-economic groups. And they are also people of color. Speaking of which, physical and emotional violence as a result of racism, across the color lines, is now reaching a point that it may well erupt like a volcano.

It is particularly challenging for stakeholders to deal with this unfortunate matter, particularly when accusations are now being leveled against those sworn to uphold the law.

Finally, each and every one of you could be touched by post-traumatic stress disorder. You could be in this position for any number of reasons, mild or extreme.